Oh my! So this is interesting

A company called William’s trading co. has created an on-the-go kink kit! This seems like a beautiful thing to be honest.  I know that I feel so away from home without all my favorite toys but bringing my bulky trunk on trips with me is pretty much impossible. Here is the link to the press release about this product: Pocket Dungeon

Essentially it is a lovely little leather case that comes with some accessories all kinksters need. There is a little retractable metal handle that comes with various attachments that will turn it into a flogger, a crop, a cat ‘o nine tails or various other little fun toys! There is a small version of the kit and a large version that comes with the previously mentioned little tool as well as a gag, cuffs, blind fold , door attachment, nipple clamps and a few other things.

Over-all this seems like a really cool toy and I hope maybe one day I can get a little sample or possibly purchase one of my own! I do travel between states often so it seems like something worth adding to my list.



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