hi. i saw your post about sub/Dom drop and i wondered if it’s normal for a sub to drop sometimes BEFORE a scene has ended? it happens to me a lot and it bothers me, i feel awful and stupid for it because i’m enjoying what’s happening so much and then all of a sudden i just get a hit of depression and i lose all desire to continue and i dont know why. it happens most when i cum but not always and i dont want to never be able to let myself again… any advice? am i weird? :(

It is completely normal, especially right after orgasm. DO NOT let yourself feel bad or let anyone else make you feel bad. This is a natural process and it can be handled with some mental exercises most of the time. You really need to try and focus on why you’re dropping. If it’s right after orgasm and you can’t find another reason it may be chemical. If this is the case then try to time your orgasms differently or try having a different type of orgasm, if you’re a woman, anyway. If you’re a woman and you’re used to clitoral orgasms try having and orgasm through the Gspot as long as you aren’t opposed to penetration.

If you’re still having problems right after orgasm go in there with that knowledge and try to prepare yourself and your partner for it. A lot of times these things can’t be helped but you can help yourself grow accustomed to it and desensitize yourself. You also have the option of trying to hold off on cumming until after the scene is done and after care can be provided.

I hope I answered all of your questions but if not please feel free to talk to me some more!



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