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Oh my! So this is interesting

A company called William’s trading co. has created an on-the-go kink kit! This seems like a beautiful thing to be honest.  I know that I feel so away from home without all my favorite toys but bringing my bulky trunk on trips with me is pretty much impossible. Here is the link to the press release about this product: Pocket Dungeon

Essentially it is a lovely little leather case that comes with some accessories all kinksters need. There is a little retractable metal handle that comes with various attachments that will turn it into a flogger, a crop, a cat ‘o nine tails or various other little fun toys! There is a small version of the kit and a large version that comes with the previously mentioned little tool as well as a gag, cuffs, blind fold , door attachment, nipple clamps and a few other things.

Over-all this seems like a really cool toy and I hope maybe one day I can get a little sample or possibly purchase one of my own! I do travel between states often so it seems like something worth adding to my list.


Hopefully a new trend of my once a week posts!

I received a suggestion from one of my lovely followers to talk about my personal “best” BDSM aesthetic. I realized that I’ve never really talked about my preferences! I’m sure I’ve hinted at them in other posts and I’ve sure as hell put my opinion out there! But I’ve never talked about what I like!

So here goes!

Neither me nor kitten are really into pain. I can deliver it to an extent but since it doesn’t interest kitten I don’t feel the need to participate in it in my personal life.

Our relationship is protocol based. We have a set of rules and I write out a schedule for her every week that has a list of chores meant to maintain our home and practice good house keeping habits. Taking care of my home and my life is what I expect of my kitten. We are both busy, though, so I do help out but most of the cleaning is on her.

I would eventually like to be in a place where I can support her financially and she can stay home and take care of our home and (eventual) children full time. That has always been my dream, even before kink.

As for my aesthetic…I love the late 1950’s early 1960’s aesthetic. I’ll take a curvy pin-up girl over a porn star any day! Winged eyeliner, red lipstick and swing skirts all day long! We also typically play big band music while cleaning the house. We both just love the feel of it.

I like to think that my Dom style is gentle but firm. My punishments do not revolve around physical reprimand. I don’t want my kitten to fear me…I don’t want to have to cane her and so I don’t. When I feel that my kitten is out of line I put her in time out, have her write lines or present an essay on her wrong doing to me. These exercises make her think about what she did and why it was wrong and that’s what I like.

That’s about it! Hope it was insightful.



Okay kiddies. It’s been a while since I’ve done an article but I think it’s time for me to get my voice out on this blog again!

Sub drop is something many people in the lifestyle know about but many of us learned it the hard way, whether you are a sub or dom. So hopefully this article will spare some of you the embarrassment and fear that comes with experiencing sub drop or dom drop.

Sub drop is much more commonly known than dom drop. Sub drop is essentially an overwhelming negative feeling subs get right after a scene or even days after. Sub drop is something that is so variable that it’s hard to tell exactly what might happen. In general, as a sub you might feel anything from a little bit of depression all the way down to complete hysterics. It’s really just knowing how you react to any kind of situation.

And not every sub will react the same in every type of situation. Any kind of scene has a certain risk factor and has to be approached carefully and with a watchful eye. The more intense the scene the harder the drop. A lot of times this emotional roller coaster is actually caused by a number of chemicals the body produces naturally so it needs to be handled delicately. While a sub’s past can affect sub drop it’s also very important to understand that MOST subs experience this on some level and as a dom, you need to be ready to give your sub the support they need.

You also need to understand that there is no time frame for sub and Dom drop. These drops can happen immediately after the scene and be taken care of through normal after care. But some drops may occur hours or days later which is why it’s important that you make yourself reasonable available for your play partners. Yes we all have jobs and school and lives but as a Dom you are making a certain level of commitment to your play partner by involving yourself in any situation that may involve Dom/sub drop.

Please also keep in mind that Dom drop is a thing that exists and needs to be addressed. A lot of times people don’t consider the affect that scenes have on Doms. Dom drop is not as common as sub drop but it does happen and when it does there needs to be an open line of communication between partners. Dom’s may need after care just as much as a sub, especially if the Dom is having problems outside their own lives or if the scene is particularly intense.

I have really only seen Dom drop happen in two scenarios (though it can occur in any situation and that is 100% fine!). The most common one I see is Dom’s who participate in non-con scenes that are particularly violent or real feeling. I’m sorry, but putting yourself in the mind set of someone who is trying to force someone else to have sex is not an easy thing to walk away from without being affected. It is perfectly fine to have that moment of doubt or fear (especially if you happen to be enjoying it a lot) but when this occurs you need to sit down with your sub and tell them what happened and if you want to make changes to similar scenes in the future than that needs to be hashed out as well. Communication is the biggest part of working past any sort of kinky road block!

The second situation I’ve seen Dom drop happen in is in the case of people who have very, very controlling personalities and come out of a scene and back into the real world where they have very little control. This is something I see in some beginner Doms, though I have certainly seen it happen in more experienced Dom’s as well.

The bottom line is that Sub drop and Dom drop can occur at anytime, any place, any scene so you need to be prepared to handle that, no matter what your role is and be a supportive partner for those you play with. Being part of the BDSM community means taking on a lot of responsibility and handling it gracefully.

Feel free to message me any questions regarding this or any other topics.


Hello Sir! I just started following you and I love your blog! I have a question though, I like being tied up – as often as possible – do you of a discreet harness that I could wear under me clothes but no one could tell was there? Thank you Sir~

Thank you so much for the love! I always love hearing from you guys! It makes my day. Anyway, the answer to your question is yes! You could have anything from a crotch harness to a chest harness, or both if you wanted! The best way to do this would be to either find some one who sells flat braided bondage rope (Rainbow Ropes used to but they don’t anymore so you’ll have to do some searching) Or you can go to Home Depot and get the thinner nylon rope. With that said you will also have to avoid elaborate knots and try and use as much of a continuous flow as possible. Use basic Lark heads and square knots!

Even though this is possible make sure that the person you’re working with is experienced. All day wear needs to be adjusted from normal bondage. Obviously, since you’re wearing it all day it can’t be overly tight or you’ll risk losing blood flow and nerve damage. You also need to be able to untie it yourself if your rope master won’t be around to do it for you and you’re rope master also needs to understand that they need to be willing to let you take it off or adjust it if it gets to be too much.

I also would suggest that the first time you go out you’re rope master be with you so that they can adjust the harness versus undoing it so you don’t lose the harness unless your simply want it off!!

Hope this helped!


hi. i saw your post about sub/Dom drop and i wondered if it’s normal for a sub to drop sometimes BEFORE a scene has ended? it happens to me a lot and it bothers me, i feel awful and stupid for it because i’m enjoying what’s happening so much and then all of a sudden i just get a hit of depression and i lose all desire to continue and i dont know why. it happens most when i cum but not always and i dont want to never be able to let myself again… any advice? am i weird? :(

It is completely normal, especially right after orgasm. DO NOT let yourself feel bad or let anyone else make you feel bad. This is a natural process and it can be handled with some mental exercises most of the time. You really need to try and focus on why you’re dropping. If it’s right after orgasm and you can’t find another reason it may be chemical. If this is the case then try to time your orgasms differently or try having a different type of orgasm, if you’re a woman, anyway. If you’re a woman and you’re used to clitoral orgasms try having and orgasm through the Gspot as long as you aren’t opposed to penetration.

If you’re still having problems right after orgasm go in there with that knowledge and try to prepare yourself and your partner for it. A lot of times these things can’t be helped but you can help yourself grow accustomed to it and desensitize yourself. You also have the option of trying to hold off on cumming until after the scene is done and after care can be provided.

I hope I answered all of your questions but if not please feel free to talk to me some more!



First of all, thank you for the love.

Second off, the are seriously no stupid questions and if you feel lost you should seek guidance. That is my first bit of advice to you.

I’m going to preface this by saying that there was A LOT in the question and if I miss something or leave you with questions feel free to follow up with me.

Let’s start on the subject of love in BDSM. Of course you can be in love. I am very much in love with my Kitten. We are in a long term, monogamous, dedicated relationship. I fell in love with her not as my sub though but as my significant other. And that’s how it should be. When you’re going out looking for love it needs to be organic. Of course you should be sexually compatible but I don’t think it’s wise going out and looking for a Dom to fall in love with. It’s kind of the old saying that you shouldn’t seek love out because it will find you.

We also have to discuss the different facets of love and the different forms submission can take. You should always play with someone who has your best interest at heart. And those people are probably going to be the same people who love you. These people could be lovers or they could just be friends. Either way these are people who care about you and who will take care of you in your moments of weakness in the lifestyle. You should surround yourself with these people and always keep in mind that submission and BDSM in general is all about trust. If you can’t trust the person you’re with you should probably rethink your options.

When we talk about submission and submission being an act of love it all comes down to it being an act of love for YOU. Of course you can use your submission to show you’re love or admiration to your Dom but at the end of the day if you are submitting simply to make that other person happy you really need to step back and evaluate yourself. Submitting or Dominating should be done for yourself above all else. You should do it because it makes you feel good and it makes you happy. Making the other person happy should simply be a pleasant side effect.

Also there’s the difference between “Submitting” and “Playing”. If you’re just playing with someone you take on the role of a submissive but I believe it is vastly different from actually submitting. Submitting, to me, is giving yourself wholly on what ever terms you and your Dom agree upon. If you’re just at a party and casually playing with someone that’s just for fun. I don’t think there is any ‘dedication’ or love needed to enjoy each other for a few hours, whatever that may entail.

If you are going to submit to someone you should make sure it is someone you trust and in that way I think that person will be someone you love (Whether that love be romantic or platonic). And If you decide you are going to submit to them I think it’s only fair you dedicate yourself to them and they to you. Dedication and respect along with trust are the basic building blocks of a healthy BDSM relationship and if you don’t feel you can dedicate yourself to the person you’re submitting to maybe that person just isn’t the Dom/Sub for you. Also keep in mind when I say dedicate I don’t mean that thats the only person you can be with or play with, all of that needs to be agreed upon between you and you’re Dom/Sub. What I am saying is that if you decide to submit to someone you should be ready to be the best Sub/Dom you can be and work hard for the other person and to better yourself both as a person and as a Dom/Sub.

As for timing? That is all preference. You are the only person who will know whether you’re submitting to early or not. And it should be on your terms. If someone is pressuring you into a contract or into more of a relationship than you’re ready for you should walk away, for your own well being. But as long as you feel comfortable and ready I don’t think there is really a time line in regards to when you should feel ready to submit. I do, however, recommend and agreed upon trial period between you and you’re Dom/Sub, just to figure out if you are compatible and to avoid any nasty situations or hurt feelings.

I hope this answered you’re questions,