Especially in America. There is a series on Netflix called “strange sex” And It showcases some medical conditions but it also showcases fetishes. I hate that in this culture when we see people who have a different sexual preference we label it as ‘Strange’. As far as I’m concerned this show should just be called “Sex”.

Consenting adults have every right to do what they want with each other no matter what it is (Aside from things like non consensual rape, murder, anything to do with a child or animal etc.). A person who has a latex fetish, balloon fetish or adult baby fetish should not be made to feel guilty.

It comes down to things that aren’t even kinky! There are many people out there who are looked down on because they may like fisting or anal sex. These are perfectly natural occurrences and can feel good and be fulfilling if done safely. Just because someone does something that YOU don’t find erotic does NOT give you the grounds to condemn them.

I’m tired of the media and people exploiting people’s sexual preferences and deeming them ‘innapropriate’ or ‘sinful’. It’s just not right. Every single person on this planet has the right to pursue happiness as long as it’s not at the expense of another person.

SEX IS A NATURAL THING. And as humans we are lucky enough that it is something that is done for pleasure, not just breeding. Take advantage of the card nature dealt us! Besides the only reason people watch these shows and read ‘kinky’ stories is becuase there is some curiosity there for them. Embrace it. Don’t feel guilty or dirty.

I am making it my personal goal to be a positive thinker about sex. I’m tired of the puritanical view society has shoved down our throats regarding the issue. From the time I lost my virginity at 15 and realized I had certain fetishes I felt wrong and dirty and like I shouldn’t be having these thoughts. It was awful. And I don’t want other people to feel like that. If people have questions there should be a safe place to go to get those answers where they don’t have to feel judged.

And that is my goal.




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