Who am I?

I am a Sir. I will always be a Sir. Never a Master or an Owner. I have nothing against people who are; These titles just don’t fit me. I have been interested in the BDSM community for a long time and made great friends within it. I wouldn’t trade my experiences with this lifestyle for the world.
My kitty isn’t under my control 100% all the time. Its not how I would want things and this is where I differ from most dominants. I love control and I love having control over her but I can’t have that if she does not want to give it to me. I know she would do what I asked of her (within reason) and that is all I require as a dominant.

She is my world and I’m pretty sure I am hers ❤ I want to spend the rest of my life caring for her and providing for her. I want her to be my Kitten, my housewife, my lover and my companion. Even in our D/s relationship I consider us equals. She will never be below me or less important than me. I will never let my pride get in the way of me being a good dominant. I will give orders with love and respect and always make sure she has what she needs and wants.

– Sir


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