I’ve had this argument with a lot of people. I think there are far too many Doms out there (At least in my experience) who don’t understand where the power comes from in their D/s relationship. I think an inflated ego causes a lot of blindness to this topic and I just want to clear up my beliefs on the matter.

The power that Doms have is very real but we only have it because our submissives give it to us. So in the end Submissives hold the power and this is why I don’t understand the Doms I’ve met who do not cherish their subs. This doesn’t mean you can’t beat them and call them whore when they want it, but I have seen some subs so hurt becuase their dominant treats them like they aren’t there. I just find it a sad thing.

To me…the beautiful thing about submission is that it’s a gift that someone loves you and trusts you enough to give. The second a submissive stops serving becuase she wants to and is just doing what you tell them to, you’ve lost your power over her. Even if she’s still following your orders she isn’t submitting.

So. To all my Sirs, Masters, Dommes, Mistresses, etc. Please remember you are being given a gift and treat it as such. And thank you to all the Baby Girls, Kittys, Slaves and Subs, for the power you put in our hands.



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