I was asked how I punished Kitty when she misbehaves and I’m really glad she did! This is a fun topic. And another thing came up that I’d like to clear with all of our followers (This isn’t meant to be rude or mean because I certainly understand where this assumption can be made :D) Kitty and myself are NOT in a master/pet relationship. She is my submissive and I am her dominant. Sir and Kitty are more or less pet names.

I rarely have to punish my Kitty. She is a very good girl. However, we do have punishments in place. They might seem silly to some people but the way I view punishment is to correct a mistake and make sure she understands that the price for making that mistake is unpleasant. I don’t want to hurt her or humiliate her because that would really bother her and would only make her fear me, which is the last thing I want.

Depending on the severity I will either assign her a chore she hates (Any kind of floor cleaning), make her write an essay or make her eat a raw tomato. As I’ve said, many of these things might seem silly but in the end these are things my Kitty wants to avoid so it makes her avoid making mistakes. And that is what a punishment needs to do, in my opinion. I am not a sadist and I don’t want to set my Kitty up to fail just so I can punish her. I believe that my job, as her Sir, is to help her the best person she can possibly be, inside and out.



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